It is never too early or too late to plant the seeds for good marketing


Feeling behind on your marketing because you’ve been so busy? Or are you feeling an urge to charge forward, eager for more sales? You’ve picked the perfect time to start – today! A marketing program needs to be in place to help you stay in the market, even during busy periods. Plus, a diligent marketing plan will help keep you consistent when you’re feeling impatient. Many business owners have told me that they are too busy managing their business operations to deal with marketing, but neglecting this important aspect of your business will not position your company well – now or into the future. Scheduling important marketing tactics, even during times of high activity, will plant the seeds for new growth. Establishing a schedule, committing to its activity, and fulfilling those responsibilities will create a pipeline of new marketing efforts that will move you through the sales process sooner than if you had neglected marketing when you were too busy.

Additionally, take a good look at your major marketing assets: your logo, website, messaging, content, campaigns, and collateral. Are they up-to-date? Do they reflect current times? Are there missing links? Do they engage your target groups? Or are they outdated, data-dumping archives of a bygone era? There is no better time than now to assess and refresh these important assets. Your marketing tools are a reflection of your business and how you serve your clients, and they help to credentialize your organization. When is the right time to invest in marketing? The answer is easy: busy times, slow times – really, every day. How can we help you begin?

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