Spring clean the clutter out of your marketing


Our homes seem to accumulate things that once were oh-so-pristine and mattered at the time. I see a lot of marketing in a similar state. The marketing effort resembles junk rooms, garages, and basements – full of untidiness, and often times, it’s unseen, but ever-present. What exactly do I mean? Outdated logos, mismatched branding, websites missing major features, marketing collateral that used to be modern and coordinated gathering dust, haphazard direct marketing, obscure social media, confusing advertising, messy marketing messages, and business development – a hopeful dream of a book on a shelf. A person doesn’t know where to begin, so they try to trudge on, but the muddle with marketing holds them back. Let’s clear out the clutter and set your company free. Assess what is good. Start with the core values of your firm. Keep them. Build out from there. Update the out-of-date. Throw out what is not needed. Organize the priorities and create a plan towards accomplishing them. There, now, breathe in deeply. Aahhh! Isn’t it wonderful, the smell of fresh marketing?!

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