Marketing ”Super Juice”: The Best Three Marketing Ingredients Ever


Everyone is looking for the perfect recipe for creating marketing magic. CEOs and business leaders often ask me what matters most in marketing, when and how they should implement a marketing program, and whether I think the latest popular tactic will work for them. Before you begin plotting your next strategy and tactics, check to be sure you’ve got the right supplies on hand. There are a few key components you must have; this special blend of ingredients constitutes your own marketing ”super juice.” Here are the top three ingredients you will need to build your marketing program:

1. Subject matter expertise
2. Knowledge about your clients
3. Close contact with your clients, prospects, and key relationships

Ingredient No. 1: Be the Pro
If you’re at the top of your game, from a technical perspective, you have insight that others need and can benefit from. Why do professional golfers have a coach? Because they need the advice and perspective a trusted expert – someone who knows the game and its nuances – can provide. Your clients need the same type of support. A few degrees of improvement can change an outcome dramatically; hence, you offer great value as the subject matter specialist. You can explain why your clients may or may not need a particular solution, and you can use your skill to help them achieve greatness. Share rich content with them on your expertise. You will be the go-to expert, a trusted confidant – and this positioning will help you ride through even the most challenging economic cycles.

Ingredient No. 2: Knowledge is Valuable
If you know your clients well, you will know how to serve them well. You will be able to proactively suggest tactics they may have not considered, and you will be able to delve into details better than other providers. You will be able to solidify your relationship with your clients over time – thanks, first, to your knowledge, but also because you possess an in-depth understanding of who they are and what they need.

Ingredient No. 3: Stay in Touch
If you are always learning, sharing, challenging, influencing, and connecting with your clients, prospects, and referral sources, your relationships will grow and become stronger. A solid foundation facilitates knowledge-sharing and can better withstand the competitive threats you are sure to face at one point or another. If you are in tune with your clients’ needs and expectations, you will have the opportunity to widen and deepen your service over time, and you will become a valuable partner. As new opportunities arise, you will be the first one there. Never underestimate the value of being there to offer your services and support during a client’s time of need. If you blend the above three ingredients, and then add your organization’s special sauce – the thing that makes you unique and memorable, and sets you apart from the other choices on the shelf – you will have your own marketing ”super juice.” Drink up and enjoy!

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