Rock Star Marketing

The best of the best in music and entertainment carve out a place for themselves and own their space. They work with talented teams and deliver an amazing, memorable experience before, during, and after concerts. They make a statement and you remember them. Here are a few take-aways from these rock star marketers:

1) Have a Point of View
Just like the grunge artists of the 1990s, they had a new point of view and it resonated with millions. Why should anyone care about you versus someone else? Why should they hire you and pay for your advice? How do you make your clients feel throughout the process? The more you define who you are and how you serve your clients, the better you will be able to target those clients and increase loyalty with them. If you don’t know who you are why will they bother?

2) Raise the Bar Across Operations
If you are a professional, your audience expects a high level of expertise across every aspect of working with you and your team. Pop stars only hire the best background singers and dance crews. Remember the phrase, ”You are only as strong as your weakest link.” Well, if your website is archaic, your clients and prospects may begin to believe that you are behind in your field of expertise, too.

3) Brand Yourself Well
Homemade viral videos may have launched some singers, but once discovered, those singers made the right investments to up their game. Logos created by your neighbor or buddy may have felt fine at the time when many other pressing matters were requiring attention and investment. However, amateur details send a message about you and your firm. Your logo represents who you are each and every day, on everything. It is an important investment. Just like a famous singer, you are represented by your brand.

4) Engage Your Audience
In today’s competitive market place, you cannot afford to have your clients forget about you. Stay top of mind with tools that enable them to opt-in to your service offerings and expert advice. Videos, e-newsletter programs, social media, and other communication tools enable music stars to continually feed their fans with interesting information to keep them close. The same should be true for you and your practice.

5) Consistency Increases Brand Equity
Everything needs to maintain the same point of view. Your professional voice and brand elements should align across all marketing points. Assess every step in the marketing and sales process to ensure they send the same message and align with your delivery model and mission for client service. 80s pop-princesses weren’t decked out in lace and teased hair one minute, and wearing dread locks the next. Each knew who they were and they rocked it. Do the same.

6) Be the Best
Platinum artists work with eminent vocal trainers, celebrated choreographers, and chic stylists. You need to be at the top of your game as well, and surround yourself with the best. Invest in your technical knowledge and elevate your practice by working only with the best. Clients hire you for your expertise.

7) Go Deep
Profound is what leaves the impression. Details matter. Emotional songs, outrageous costumes, shining lights and big productions all add up to a memorable experience. Does your marketing and business development program – logo, web presence, marketing content, proposal documents, advertising, expertise delivery and client service efforts – align and speak the same language? Do they have high impact results for your clients? Dial into the details. Provide an experience. Leave them wanting to come back for more.

Poorly executed anything is simply amateur. Tune up, Rock Star, and top the charts!

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