Category: January 2012

I am asked quite frequently to execute marketing projects. These are linked with unexpected growth or a need for an increased market presence. Often times, the client feels they do not need a full marketing plan at that time. I educate clients on the benefits of a strategic marketing plan, which include aligning efforts to corporate goals, consistency in timing, messaging, and branding, efficiency of resources (both time and money) and establishing a means for measuring success. The unexpected nature of the project alone highlights the lack of a plan. With a plan in place and monitored, the hot project probably would have been addressed earlier. Truly, projects are important components of marketing plans. That being said, standalone projects at times are necessary…special or the unexpected often can become, dare I say, the norm? This does not minimize the need for an overall marketing plan.

Most often, right after project completion, I am asked about X, Y, and Z. These are great next steps perhaps. After all, marketing is a constant and needs to continue. I am thrilled to assist. Let’s intergrate X, Y, and Z with everything else. What is that called again? Oh yes, a marketing plan. Do you have one?