Category: October 2011

How many times have you been a buyer, whether of professional services or something material, and thought to yourself that the sales person simply went through the motions. What does your presentation to a prospective client say about you? Ask yourself the following questions:

� Are you simply going through the motions in your prospect pursuits?
� Do you use the same old presentation, brochure, and language for everyone and everything?
� Do you send the same thank you message post meeting or not even bother?
� Do you follow up with prospects? How often? With what message?

As you ponder your answers, consider the following. Everyone wants to be wanted. Thank them for the opportunity. Tell them that their business would be very important to your company. Ask them to take the next step or what they prefer the next step to be. This will reassure your prospect and encourage the relationship and process. These statements put them in the driver seat and place you into a listening role. Listen up and follow up per what they respond or request.

To simplify the example, liken this to your private life. After all, even in the professional world it is about finding the right match. It is great when that special someone tells you that you matter. Why not communicate the same message with your business relationships? Stand out by expressing your interest. In a very competitive world where many services mimic each other and pricing is often very comparable, subtle refinements make the difference. Tell your prospect how much their confidence in you would mean to you and your organization. Ask for the business. This may make the winning difference.