Our Services

Marketing Management

We’re your Chief Marketing Officer.

Your company’s marketing and business development strategies are our number one priority.  Let’s develop your custom plan, execute, and achieve your goals together.

You’ll benefit from our strategic thinking.  We put a disciplined process into place so that you can track progress against your goals.  Multiple platforms and managed budget – everything we do is customized to your unique needs.

Strategic Communications

Know what to communicate, when, where and why.

Our services drive your company’s goals forward with key messages and valuable content at the right time and place.  Whether you need a tagline, strategic messaging, public relations, curated content or client specific missives, we utilized proprietary processes to arrive at your key communication solutions.

Business Development Services

Work out, stretch your skills, and grow!

Marketing and sales should be interconnected and systematic. Do you have a business development process? How successful is it? Even the most defined business development programs have opportunities for improvement. We offer sales process analysis, business development services, and training for each step – all tailored to your specific organization and its goals.

Executive Suite Services

We will take care of you

Could you or your executive team benefit from an outside facilitator or an expert marketing resource ?  Do you have a need for executive positioning, requiring strategic, specialized training? We’ve assisted busy executives in accomplishing their goals as leaders so that their organizations can flourish – from special events to strategic development, media relations, and expert styling. Each of your leadership opportunities is important, take flight with Chouette.

Special Solutions

Special projects are our specialty.

Extraordinary events and executive endeavors require big ideas and big know-how – put our marketing magic to work for you. We’re the agency that is nimble enough to craft custom programs such as providing on-site solutions, managing your marketing team, and interfacing with boards. Specialized needs are our specialty!